Friday, March 30, 2007

The Valley of Caracas

This is a view of the Valley of Caracas. El Avila (the big moutiain) is to the north. It's like a big built in compass! What a beautiful place. Perfect weather all year long, big green beautiful moutain, beach on the other side of the mountain, amazing exotic animals like tree frogs, parrots and iguanas. Imagine never having to prepare for winter. Imagine never needing heat or insulation. I think this plays a large part in laid back attitude of the locals. It's also why so many can afford to live beneath what many societies see as 'our standards'. You can hang out in the hammock 365 days a year. It costs maybe two dollars to fill the tank with gasoline, fruits and vegetables grow all year long with the perpetual summer, and beaches are all around. What? Me, worry?

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