Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RCTV Down, Globovision Next? - Create custom images

Hugo Chavez has taken away from the people their most beloved television station amid protests from even his own supporters. He simply refused to renew the license. Now, in it's place, is another state-run station.

Now that RCTV is down he's threatening Globovision with a warning to: "slow down or he will slow them down". He's accusing Globovision, radio stations and newspapers of inciting unrest. Who's inciting unrest here, seriously? If you ask me the most outrageous player in the game today and every day is Hugo Chavez. The most immature, a name caller who makes threats, incites and allows violence, and divides the Venezuelan people, playing them against each other. He accuses all of the opposition media of trying to take his life. He even thinks the same way about CNN. Too bad he does not have the power to shut down CNN, huh?

Watching Hugo Chavez lie about people and terrorize his own law-abiding citizenry because he's angry he didn't grow up part of the oligarchy feels much like standing in my own yard watching the crazy neighbor scream at his dog, his kids, and his wife while they cower in fear. If that happened I could call the local police. Who do I call about this?

I used to think this guy had good intentions, even if some of them were misguided, and his execution of them was a disaster. Now I think he's just a power-hungry weakling trying to look arrogant enough to appear strong.

Where is the Venezuelan man who will reunite the country and bond them together with love and compassion and good will? The country really needs you.

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