Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Difficult To Think About.

I should write here so much more often than I do. It's just kind of depressing, really. President Huge Chavez is still taking over businesses, there are still food shortages, it's less and less safe every day. People who oppose Chavez are having their names removed from ballots. Chavez is cuddling up to Iran, Russia, China, & Cuba. We still have a lot of family in Venezuela.

Chavez has already called President Obama "Ignorant" about Latin America after Obama accused him of exporting terrorism. Actually, I think what he called him better translates to "Ignoramus." Of course Chavez claimed he was just about to send a new ambassador to Washington, but now he's not because of what Obama said.

More and more people from the opposition are going to jail. For speaking out against Chavez. A long time ago I thought maybe the opposition wasn't giving him a fair shake because he wasn't part of their inner circle. Maybe I was even right about it. I'll never know. I know now he's as corrupt as anyone ever has been. It's such a shame. If the new him met the old him, I think the old him would very much dislike the new him.

Divide and conquer has worked for his political agenda in Venezuela. He's grabbing more power all the time. Power over a weakened people living in a country they no longer recognize. It makes me sad. And a little scared. Because as much as we see it as a third world country nothing like our home, it wasn't all that different. It could happen to us.